5 Stupid Blogging Myths That Are Holding You Back

5 Stupid Blogging Myths That Are Holding You Back

My first couple dozen launches produced a grand total of $0.

I'm not exaggerating, either. I'm not one of those entrepreneurs that says "OMG, I ONLY made $5000 on this launch. EPIC FAIL!"

I mean I made zero. Zilch. And I invested hundreds of dollars over the course of 2 years without a single cent of payoff.

There were 5 things holding me back. Had I known them sooner, I could have avoided the turmoil, the imposter syndrome, and my monthly contributions to my pile of credit card debt.

But since I didn't know them when I first started, now YOU get to!

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Tell me in the comments - which of these myths is the MOST likely to bite you in the ass and sabotoge your launch?

(Hey, it's good to be self aware.)

- Braelin A

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