How to Launch a Product Today

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Because spending two months just preparing to launch something sounds just about impossible.

Okay, so in another blog I wrote all about developing your pre-launch strategy. Basically, it’s the system I encourage all my serious clients to optimize. You would take 60-days to develop content and build up an epic plan to launch your glory-product. It’s tried and true, tested and proven effective. I’ve been using this strategy on clients for years, so I know that it works in real-life. You can read everything about it here.

...But, the thing is, I totally don’t want to do it.

My website is brand new, but my ideas and client base are not. So, I want to launch something… But I just don’t wanna wait. I feel like my list is ready. They’re actively waiting for me to put out something exciting.

And I know you’re in the same boat. Maybe you have an email list that’s already super ready. Maybe you don’t have ANY email list at all, but YOU'RE just super ready to throw this product out there, and two months just isn’t possible for how amazingly excited you are.

I get it, and I’m here to give you some steps to help you throw your product into cyberspace with minimal effort TODAY. In fact, in addition to the things I talk about in this post, I also go over a few more things in today's free download... 7 Things to Do to Launch Your Product Today.

Lemme preface and say this: pre-launch works. 60 days of prepping your audience, building your list, and gearing your content towards your new product is the SMARTEST way to launch, and really the only way (in my humble, humble opinion) to guarantee success.

That being said, let’s do the opposite and see what happens.

ONE: Ads are your best friend in this kind of (lack of) launch.

If you want fast traffic, fast action, and fast sales, you need to be willing to dish out some dough.

It’s this simple: in the world of entrepreneurship, you either play the game of money or play the game of time. If you’re going to be impatient, you have to be willing to pay for a kickstart.

I don’t currently have training up on ads (I suck at ads), but Katherine Sullivan does, so I recommend checking out her trainings.

TWO: Let’s double, triple, and quadruple check your product.

The thing about launching a product RIGHT NOW is that you haven’t had the advantage of getting to stare at it for two months to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

I mean this with love - I AM an impatient entrepreneur, so I’m speaking from experience.

If you’re really in that big of a rush to launch… There’s a good chance your product isn’t as great as it could be.

Last year I created an info-product for a meditation blog. It was this stellar workbook. To date, one of my best creations as far as content is concerned. It was exactly what the customers of that blog were looking for.

But the branding of the work book DID NOT match the branding of the website.

SO, almost 50,000 people downloaded the free sample of the workbook…

And 6 people bought it.

(For those of you who are new here, that ain’t a great conversion.)

My point is, there’s a good chance your product isn’t 100% just because you’re so excited. Make sure you’re putting your best shit out there. I don’t want to see a tech issue, a typo, a broken powerpoint slide, a minute of video where the screen is completely black…

You get it. Something is probably messed up big time, and if that’s the case, you HAVE to fix it before you even think about releasing. Because if you skip pre-launch and just throw your product into the universe and it’s ANYTHING less than perfect… You’re going to look like the fool of the festival; AKA, amateur city.

You have absolutely zero room for error if you’re skipping pre-launch. Got it? Got it.

THREE: Embrace live social media.

If your launch is going to happen RIGHT THIS SECOND, then it only logical step you can take is to embrace launch materials that work for you RIGHT THIS SECOND.

That means not wasting your time on editing fancy videos, batch creating graphics, or anything like that. This launch is happening right now. Let’s go live and embrace some of the NEW social media.

Live videos

Facebook live is lit. We all know that it’s the future, we’re just too scared to hop on and make it happen.

But if you don’t have the patience for a full-blown launch, then you can’t afford to miss out on Facebook live. It’s the only way to QUICKLY reach everyone in your Facebook following (and also, if you later boost it as an advertisement, Facebook algorithm STILL favors it in the Newsfeed!)

Instagram Live is a great way to warm up if you’re not fully about FB live.

It’s easier for beginners to embrace because there is NO recording… It disappears once you turn it off. If you mess up, you can just pretend it didn’t even happen. It’s a great way to warm yourself up to video before you hop over to FB, where everything is recorded.


Again, this is a time sensitive piece of social media for a time sensitive product launch, so it’s a natural fit.

I know for a fact that my instastories get more views that my photos do likes.

Why? Because of the stupid algorithm.

If you want even MORE strategies to help launch your product today, click the button below to download 7 Things to Do to Launch Your Product TODAY!

Instagram WANTS people to use “Stories”, so they favor them by literally placing everyone's story above the newsfeed.

So, quite simply, the FASTEST way to get seen on Instagram is to post a story, otherwise, your post may just get buried in the news feed.

In general, it seems the newer the feature, the easier it is to get it in front of your audience. Social networks LOVE when you try their new features.

Now, as for Facebook stories…

I don’t know a SINGLE person who uses them.

For this reason, I think you should.

Facebook LOVES whenever you embrace their newest gadget and gizmo. When you post a Facebook story. You’re going to be one of the few people on your friend's list that appears at the top of the newsfeed. How cool is that for instant advertising?

Basically, embrace anything live or time sensitive. It will work in your favor.

FOUR: Direct Traffic to Your Bangin’ Sales Page

Any other day of the week I would suggest you write and plan a funnel that grooms your customers and preps them to visit your sales page.

Hell, even if you’re willing to wait a few days, I would suggest you do that. It works really well.

But since we’re dealing with pure impatience here, you'll need to send the traffic DIRECTLY to your sales page. And here's the thing...


I don’t care if you believe in long-form sales pages, short sweet and to the point sales pages, or just slapping a buy button onto a leadpage template…

It has to be the best sales page you’ve ever created. This means, it inherently has to act like a funnel. It should:

  • Introduce the problem that your product solves
  • Introduce the solution
  • Introduce the product
  • Introduce you and your business
  • Deal with ANY and ALL objections that your customer may have with your product
  • Talk about return policies (even if you don’t have one)
  • Talk about how your product is delivered
  • Talk about what your customer's life will look like AFTER the product

So… Maybe a “short-and-sweet” sales page isn’t the best idea for when you launch a product out of the blue to an audience that isn’t ready for it.

If you put work into anything, it should be this sales page. If you really push yourself, you may be able to get it up in a matter of days (ideally, TODAY.)

But honestly, if you’re going to be directing traffic directly to your sales page, you’re going to need to address EVERYTHING that you would usually address in a funnel. It means more work on your sales page copy, but it also means more immediate sales (ka-ching!)

Do you want more strategies? More actionable advice on what you can do to launch your product into cyber-space in the next 24 hours? Download these strategies (and more!) by clicking the button below:

As always, rock your biz.

Braelin A

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