How to Build Your Email List with Content Upgrades

You've heard everyone and their mother screaming about how you have to have an email list, but no one can give you a straight answer as to why.

Here it is: You have to register for a mailing list software and begin to collect email addresses because this is how you're going to communicate with your audience when you have products that you want to sell.

When you're talking about creating amazing, high-quality free content, there's one this that always comes up: content upgrades.

A content upgrade is an additional piece of content that complements your blog post, and you give it away for free in exchange for an email address. This is usually the beginning of a sales funnel.

Content upgrades are an amazing way to make the most of your traffic and begin the process of converting casual readers into devoted, paying customers. I talk a lot about the strategy behind building content and content upgrades in my 60-Day Pre-Launch Blueprint, but today I wanted to address my favorite tips surrounding this idea of "upgraded content", or opt-ins.

In my video below, we talk about what exactly you DO with content upgrades once they're created... And how to utilize as many avenues as possible so you can stop leaving leads on the table once and for all.

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Since you're someone who WANTS their blog to be profitable, you need to understand - your audience is NOTHING if you don’t have their email addresses. When you collect a small amount of subscribers, you can nurture them, ask them questions, offer them free help, update them on your new content, send them free trainings, and eventually tell them all about your paid products.

And when you do tell them about your paid products, then they’ll trust you, because you’ve been treating them so well with such amazing free content.

Oh, and it’s worth mentioning: You want to collect email addresses genuinely and with consent. NEVER buy email addresses - you will be immediately flagged as spam. This will quickly destroy your business.

Building a list genuinely is tricky, so I understand that a lot of people want to go the “easy route” and buy their subs. I urge you; this doesn’t work.

I lay out exactly how to build your email list safely, legally, and with genuinely, non-slimy tactics in my course List Building Liftoff, but the most popular way to build your list by far is by utilizing these content upgrades. I go over my all-time favorite tips in the video below:

Want to learn more about how to build your list and lay the groundwork for a profitable blog?

(Hint: You do, because there's no point in blogging for free.)

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